Frederick Douglass Study Questions


Frederick Douglass and his second wife Helen Pitting

These questions are meant to guide your reading of the Douglass biography and help you prepare for the Douglass material for the exam. There is not guarantee, however, that other material will not be represented on the exam; so, these questions are not to be meant as a substitute for reading the book.

--In general, what do we learn about the slavery from this book; more specifically, what do we learn from Douglass that we might not learn anywhere else? 

--What does Douglass have to say about the nature of freedom? 

--What does Douglass say about the religion of the black man, and especially the religion of the white man.

--What effect does slavery have upon the family of both the white man and also the family of the black.

--What effect does Douglass argue that slavery has upon the character and manners of the white man?

--What does Douglass say about the importance of reading? About the fear of death?

--What seems to be Douglass’s attitude toward the United States? Toward the American Founders? Toward Abraham Lincoln? (you will need to refer to Douglass’s orations as well as his autobiography for this question).



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