Research Paper Guidelines


--aprox 8 double spaced pages.

--the focus of the paper should be on taking something from the political thought we have studied and apply it to a contemporary issue, problem, debate or controversy in American political life

--the paper should be supported by at least six different sources, including the American political thought you choose to apply. The use of classroom material is essential.

--as with any research paper, this paper should have a clearly defined, concise thesis; and, coherent organization.

--part of the challenge of an assignment such as this is coming up with a good thesis; for that reason your instructor will not give you a thesis, although he’ll be happy to give you feedback on the thesis you have chosen, even if your choice is tentative.

--the paper will also be graded on the clarity and style of writing.

--typos, spelling errors and grammatical mistakes will be costly; and, appropriately so, in an upper division course.

--the format for documentation must be endnotes or footnotes, not parenthetical referencing. For any questions about the format of the endnotes (or footnotes) you should refer to a recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, which is available in the library or could be purchased--either a print copy or a digital copy. It is also available online HERE



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