Research Paper Guidelines

--aprox. 10 double spaced typewritten pages.

--paper deals with a graphic novel or comic series not covered in class

--paper should identify the political theme or themes of the graphic novel and provide an analysis of the way in which the text deals with that theme (or themes), as well as how sucessfully the author is able to develop that theme or themes.

--that paper should, among other things, "contextualize" the analysis with ample reference to both text and graphics

—as in the weekly papers, graphics should be analyzed

--there is no required number of secondary sources but there should at least be several to support the thesis of the paper

--supplementary readings available on this website can be used as secondary sources

--either endnotes or parenthetical references can be used

Grading Rubric for Research Paper

Grammar & Style 1 pt/
Clarity 1 pt/
Insight and Analysis 2 pt/
Adequate Summary of Work Under Analysis 3pt /
Analysis of Graphics 1 pt/
Effecitve use of Secondary Sources 2pt/
TOTAL 10/  

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