Weekly Papers

Weekly Papers should be at least 4-6 double-spaced pp long and should accomplish several things:

1. The papers should demonstrate, without a doubt, that you have read all of the assigned material. Accordingly, the paper should summarize the material.

2. The papers should use some clear form of documentation. Since you will only have two or three texts and possibly a film to discuss, simply put the title of the text or the film in parenthesis after the quote, adding a page number for texts) For example:
(Watchman: 39) or ("Not Without My Daughter").

3. It is not necessary to undertake any additional research for these papers. You have your hands full just covering what is already assigned.

4. You must use an up-to-date word processor, either MS Word or Pages. Unfortunately, Word Perfect usually doesn't work, or work well, with either Windows or Mac operating systems. Do not put your essay in the body of an email. If these rules aren't followed, the paper will not be accepted.

5. The paper should also offer some degree of analysis of the material. This might be accomplished by trying to address any of the following questions, or perhaps two or three of the questions. Generally though, don't try to answer all of them. Or use your own analytical questions as they suit the material.

--is the material well written? what constitutes good writing in a comic or graphic novel?
--how well do the graphics support the text?
--to what extent do the graphics alone "tell the story"?
--how does the additional reading (if there is additional reading) relate to the material? What additional insight into the primary reading does the additional reading material offer?
--how does the film (if assigned) compare or contrast with the novel? If it is a film adaptation of the primary reading, is it a good adaptation or a poor adaption? Does it add something to the text--or does it detract from the text?
--What might be the relevance of this material to contemporary politics and/or culture?

6. You can organize your paper around any idea that you find interesting in the paper as long as it has some relation to politics. That is, even though you have to include all the assigned readings and/or films, you can focus on whatever you find most interesting and/or important.

7. Finally, send an electronic copy of your paper to me an hour before class, and bring a hard copy as well. Be prepared to discuss and/or read your paper before the class.

© Hank Edmondson 2012