Student Requirements

1. Three article reviews, at least one that should be from an academic publication. The other can be from a popular press publication. These article reviews should be written with a view to incorporating as much of the review into your actual paper as possible. Article reviews should be between 3-4 double-spaced pp. in length.  (1/5 of grade). The article review should accomplish two things: First, it should summarize the article and leave no doubt that you have read and understood the article. Secondly, it should  provide some measure of analysis of the article--to the extent you are able. For example, some of the following questions might be helpful in your analysis:
--do you think the author makes a good argument? 
--is the article persuasive?
--does the author's method seem sound
--does this seem to be a surprising argument or does it seem to more or less be
a matter of common sense?
--is the article up-to-date?

2. An annotated bibliography, which will also become a part of the final paper (1/5 of grade). HERE is a guide for annotated bibliographies. Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style format as best you can. By the time you submit your annotated bibliography, you should have focused your thesis in a concise way that is easy to articulate in no more than 2-3 sentences.

An outline (not required Spring 2014). 

3. A rough draft of the paper ( 1/5 of grade). The question sometimes arises: "Just what does the rough draft look like?" The answer is that it should look as much like your final paper as you can make it, understanding that it will fall short of that goal. At the least, it needs to be a complete draft, from beginning to end, as opposed to notes, half sentences, an outline, etc. You should keep in mind that this is my best chance to give you feedback on your paper before its final submission.

4. The final paper (2/5 of grade)

Please note:

--as long as each of these assignments is undertaken conscientiously, you will receive an initial grade, and then, if you should choose to do so, you would have the opportunity to revise and re-submit the assignment for the final grade for that assignment.

--if you can submit the final paper at least a week before its due date, I will give you feedback on the paper before you formally submit it.

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