Grading Rubric

Comparative Gov't Grading Rubric

Comprehension 4/
All relevant material must be included in the answer to the essay question.In covering the material it is CRITICAL that you "contextualize" your discussion. This means that you include well chosen quotes and references to your material. This accomplishes several things: 1) it usually demonstrates that you have read the material carefully and that you have worked with it and understood it; and, 2) it makes your essay read in an authoritative and clear fashion. Without sufficient reference to the material your essay will usually be vague, unfocused and unconvincing. In this day and age of the internet and Wikipedia, without generous contextualizing, essays often appear to be little more than paraphrases taken from on-line summaries.

Clarity (including grammar and style) 2/
Material must be explained clearly, and all other points discussed clearly as well. Answers should be free of spelling, grammatical and stylistic errors. This also means that the paper should be formatted appropriately with a standard word processor, preferably, MS Word that provides professional formatting and page numbering. DO NOT simply submit an exam in the context of an email. It will be rejected or harshly penalized. PLease double space the exam. Also, please number each essay separately, but include all essays in one file, sent in one email.

Insight and analysis 3/
It is not enough to simply explain the material clearly--evidence must be offered that the student understands the material at a deeper level than just the superficial description. This should include, for example, a demonstration of the relevance of the material under consideration; the essay should also provide means of analysis: this might be by means of comparison/contrast, as well as a recognition of the weaknesses and strengths of the material. Discussing material on an analytical level also means you can illustrate it with, and apply it to, contemporary issues, debates and questions.

Organization 1/
Material must be presented in a coherent and organized way; all essay questions should be introduced and concluded properly.


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