Research Paper

This paper should compare and contrast some aspect of the governance, political structure, political processes, cultural (as it impacts politics) between two different countries that have not been the focus of textbook or classroom study.  An electronic copy must be submitted by 12 noon and a hard copy brought to class at 2pm Guidelines for the paper are below.

--aprox. 10 2x pp


--12 references from both serious popular press (e.g. NY Times, Economist, Financial Times, Weekly Standard, Atlantic, New Republic, National Review) and academic press

--Note: should you choose to write this paper in a language other than English, the paper length is reduced to 6-8 2xpp

--thesis must be approved by instructor (please note: your instructor will not supply you with a thesis, and although a thesis may be approved, it will nonetheless be graded on its insight, focus and clarity.

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