Take Home Exam #1

This exam is due back next Wed, February 26 at 12 noon as an attachment to email.Late submissions will be penalized a letter grade for every day late, starting at 12:05pm on the 2/24.

Please note that we have class on Monday, Feb 17.

These essays will be graded on the basis of 

--comprehension--how much material you are able to cover (including reserve readings)

--clarity--how well you articulate your discussion


--style and grammar

A second question will be added to this exam on Monday, Feb. 17.

1. We have looked at three governmental systems so far, each with strengths and weaknesses. Discuss how each of those political systems might be strengthed by drawing upon the other two systems. For example, what does Japan have to offer the UK and the US, what does the US have to offer Japan and the UK, and what does the UK have to offer the US and Japan. This essay will necessarily need to include a discussion of the political weaknesses of each of the three governments.

2. At the end of the three chapters we have read thus far, your book offers a discussions on comparative executives, comparative heads of state and comparative legislatures. Choose one of these three discussions and use it as a basis for an essay on two of the countries we have studied so far, integrating into your essay articles from The Economist and at least one of the student presentations from class.

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