Comparative Politics in Transition

John McCormick
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Note:  The new edition of the McCormick book is prohibitively expensive but if you will note, there are many used copies of the book that are inexpensive. Don't buy the the new book unless you have money to burn. 

The McCormick book is quite rich in both its content and analysis. Not to be missed are the "Comparative Exercises" at the end of each selection. They are listed below:

Part I
Comparatibe Exercise: Executives
Part II
Compartive Exercise: Political Parties
Part III
Comparative Exercise: Constitutions
Part IV
Comparative Exercise: Systems of Administration
Part V
Comparative Exercise: Terms of Office
Part VI
Compartive Exercise: Judiciaries

Annual Edition: Comparative Politics

Fiona Yap, ed.
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Yap Presentations

Gardner: 8. 21
Ward: 5, 16
Baig: 24, 17
Peak: 20, 37
Crye: 12, 23
Wirth: 13, 15
Hunt: 7, 28
Zoeckler 4, 22
Rodriquez 9, 31
Yarus 11, 2
Scogins 3, 18
Sims, 32, 36

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