Grading Criteria

Exams will be graded on the basis of:

1. How well the material is covered, especially the lecture material and court cases we have discussed.

2. How clearly the material is explained, including generous use of case and/or text material, that is the judicious use of quotes (“contextualizing”).

3. How well the essay is organized.

4. How insightfully the essay is written.

5. How well the essay is written in respect to grammar, spelling and style.

6. How well the criteria of 1-5 are met by “contextualizing" your essay.

Please note: although there is no required length for each of the four exams, you should plan on at least 10 2x typewritten pages, aprox. one inch margins, headers and footers. No part of the exam should be more than 2x.

Exams will be submitted as attachments to email to my address:

Exams must be submitted as MS Word documents. Nothing else will be accepted. Exams must be standalone documents rather than internet based documents.

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