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Prof. Hank Edmondson
Summer, 2018 On-Line Format
Prof. Hank Edmondson
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Course Information:
Leadership & Organiz Behavior - PUAD 6603 W01
CRN: 80987
, June 11, 2018 - August 2,  2018. Please note: This course has two sites: this one and the D2L/Georgia View site. Work assignments and submissions are spread between the two sites.Please always use the above email when emailing me, not the Georgia View email—even if you are working on the D2L site.

This course is a study of applied leadership, especially as it is exercised in the public sector; and, the ideas that help us to understand the context in which that leadership is exercised,  organizational theory. . We will look at leadership from several different perspectives: historical, biographical, philosophical, theoretical and contemporary; and through the discussion forum, we will take time to learn from each other’s experience in, and ideas about, leadership and organizations..

Grading will be partially based on review essays on each of the three assigned books as well as the assigned chapters from the text on leadership and the text on organizational theory. These reviews should accomplish several things:

You should make it clear that you have read the material, so that your review needs to be more or less comprehensive, with a combination of a summary in our own words and judiciously chosen quotes and passages from the book or review. (Simply putting the page number of the quote in parenthesis after the quote is sufficient documentation.

You should thoroughly explain the principles of leadership and organizations as you understand them.

You should demonstrate, as clearly as you can, the relevance of these principles for contemporary leadership. (Alternately, if you think the material is irrelevant to modern leadership and organizations--and you might--explain that as well.) Each of the essays should be between 5-6 double spaced pages. Parenthetical referencing or endnotes (or footnotes) are acceptable means of documentation.




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