Using WebEx

We will be using WebEx to meet together several times this semester.  The first WebEx sessions will be an introductory session. The remaining WebEx meetings will be primarily for the purpose of discussing your written work. I will call on students at randon to discuss the assignment that was due the previous week; and then, call on other students at randon to react to the previous student's comments. These are not, however, formal presentations, but you may want to have your written work nearby if you need to make reference to it.

Schedule of WebEx Meetings. All will be on select Friday evenings from 7-8 pm:. See the class schedule (link in menu above.

NOTE: My Webex meeting room is 643 459 387

If you are unsure of how to use webex here is an instructional site:

Also if for some reason you have not yet set up your Webex account I have an instructional file I can send you if you just ask me.

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