Attendance: Since this class is entirely online, there is no attendance requirement this time around.

Participation: Likewise, there is no participation requirement this semester

Essays:  7 papers are assigned of varying length, due dates are specified with each assignment. Nothing else is required. Late papers may be penalized a letter grade a day. All the papers must be doubled spaced with no more than one inch margins and no larger than 12 pt. font. Each paper should be from 4-6pp in length. This is somethign of a push, but please keep in mind that the course lasts less than a month and it is worth 3 semester hours credit. 

These are not research papers; rather you are asked to work with the material you are reading and analyze it, compare/contrast it, interpret it—and, if possible, show how the material is relevant. No additional research is needed. Just deal thoroughly and comprehensively with the material you are assigned. As far as documentation goes, it is sufficient to indicate where you are pulling material from parenthetically. That is, after a sentence or quote you can simply put the author and the page number (if relevant). For example. (Nietzsche, p. 32) or (The Moody Blues,” Story in your Eyes”). 

Music: Please note that many of these songs are accessible through youtube or a similar site. I’ve provided links to most if not all. However, if you can't find them there, you mayl need to purchase them through some online site (if you don't already own the music). I’ve also provided lyrics for a few, but should you need more, they are easy to Google.