Section One: Nietzsche: The Complaint & The Promise




Friedrich Nietzsche Thus Spake Zarathustra (in The Portable Nietzsche, Walter Kaufman) 

"Zarathustra's Prologue" (p. 121-137)

First Part, 1, "The Three Metamorphoses" (p. 137-142)

First Part, 2, "On the Teachers of Virtue" (p. 140-142) 

First Part, 9, "The Preachers of Death" (p. 156-158)

First Part, 10 “On War and Warriors” (p. 158-160)

First Part, 12, "The Flies in the Market-Place" (p. 163-168)

Second Part, 25, "On The Virtuous" (p. 205-208) 

Second Part, 28, "The Rabble" (p. 208-211)

Fourth Part, 1, "On the Higher Man" (p. 398-408).

(Please note: the page numbers indicated refer to the print edition, not the Kindle edition. If the page numbers do not correspond, however, you can simply refer to the sections and parts indicated.)

READ: Edmondson, Return to Good and Evil, Chapter 2

WATCH: “2001 Space Odyssey”

Part 1


The Beatles: "Nowhere Man” (1965) (live)
The Beatles: “Nowhere Man” (1965) (lyrics)

Andrew Bird: “Oh, No”  (Bird discusses the genesis of the song HERE)

The Killers: “Human” (live at Royal Albert Hall)

The Killers: “Human” (MTV awards) (note additional lyrics at end of song)


Summarize, as best you can, Nietzsche’s thought in the assigned reading, with reference to the Edmondson overview. How well do you think the film “2001 Space Odyssey” illustrates Nietzsche’s ideas? How does the assigned music help us to understand Nietzsche’s ideas. Explain. (essay should be about 6 2x pages). 

DUE DATE: June 11th, 11:59pm