Grading Rubric

The following is the grading rubric that will be used to assess your essays

Grading Rubric:

Comprehension: how well the material is covered. In covering material it is essential to "contextualize" your discussion, that is to judiciously pull quotes from your material that support your generalizations, argument and discussion. This gives your paper authority and suggests to the reader that you have really read and absorbed your material and that you know what you are talking about. Also included under "comprehension" is adequequate documentation of your sources. Since these are not research papers, simply putting the author in parenthesis after your reference is sufficient
3 points/

Clarity: how clearly the material is explained and discussed. 
2 points/

Organization: how well the essay is organized around the thesis, including meaningful introductory and concluding paragraphs. In some, if not all, of these essays you may be pulling material from different, and at times, disparate sources. How well you put it all together is an important factor in determining the organization of your material. Another way to understand the importance of this is the following: When reading your papers, the first thing the instructor often does is first read the introduction and then the conclusion. The combination of those two should give a good overview of the content and analysis of the paper. It only remains for the reader to see how you have done what you say you are going to do (introduction) and what you say you have done (conclusion).
1 point/

Insight and Relevance: how well the material is connected to contemporary issues and concerns and how much analysis (as opposed to simple description) is provided. To achieve this level of analysis you might keep questions in mind such as:

--does this discussion lend itself to comparison and contrast
--what are the weaknesses of the material I am discussion? What are the strengths?
--what is the bias of the material I am discussing?
--what implications might be drawn from my discussion?
--what is the relevance of my material?
2 points/

Style, Grammar and Proofreading: how well the essay follows rules of good style and correct grammar, and how well it is proofread. You should avoid 1 or 2 sentence paragraphs because they tend to make your essay superficial since you can't develop your ideas sufficiently.
2 point/
Total Points 10/



Comprehension 3/

Clarity (including grammar and style) 2/

Insight and analysis 3/

Organization 1/

Documentation 1/

Total Points:

Additional Comments: