Honors Preview Day: Popular Music & Political Philosopy


I. Introduction        

What Is Political Philosophy?

What is Popular Music?

Philosophy and Popular Culture


II. Nietzsche’s Doctrine
A. The “Last Man”

Andrew Bird “Oh No” HERE


B. The “Overman”: Suffering and Heroism
Rolling Stones: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” HERE

David Bowie: “Heroes” Live with Lyrics HERE

“I, I will be King / An you, you will be Queen”
"I wish I could swim/Like dolphins can swim”
“You, you can be mean / And I, I drink all the time”

Rush: “Closer to the Heart” Lyrics HERE
Live (Through the Years)

C. Destruction & Creation
Beyond Good and Evil Nietzsche

The Doors: "Break on Through To The Other Side HERE
The Killers: “Human” HERE
“Are we Human ?/ Or Are we Dancer?"

"Pay my respects to grace and virtue/ Send my condolences to good

Hear my regards to soul and romance/ They always did the best they could

And so long to devotion / You taught me everything I know

Wave goodbye, wish me well / You've gotta let me go

The Killers: “Human” MTV Awards
HERE (@ 3:37)

The Moody Blues: “The Story  In Your Eyes HERE 

The Will to Power
Black Sabbath: "Iron Man" HERE


III. Responses

1. Good and Evil Can’t Be Extinguished
Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" HERE

2. It follows then that there are objective standards of right and wroing
Avett Brothers: "Head Full of Doubt"
Red Rocks Introduction by Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado HERE
"Head Full of Doubt" in Charlotte HERE


IV. Conclusion

Implications for Public Policy? Biotechnology, Education, War, Political Nihilism