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Spring 2019
Tuesday 5:30-8:15
Dr. Hank Edmondson, A&S 206
706 421 2671 (cell) (please try to text first, and if you do, be sure to identify yourself). If you call, be sure to leave message because I don’t answer calls I don't recognize.
Office Hours: Monday: 12-2, Tu: 4-530; Wednesday: 11-2 or by appointment
Feel free to email at any time. I usually check email multiple times during the day. 

Twitter feed: @DrEdmondsonIII

Two take home exams
One comprehensive take-home final exam

Prior to mid-semester, you will receive feedback on your academic performance in this course.

Requests for Modifications:
Any student requiring instructional modifications due to a documented disability should make an appointment to meet with the instructor as soon as possible. An official letter from GC&SU documenting the disability will be required to receive accommodation.  

Fire Alarms: In the event of a fire alarm signal students should exit the building in a quick and orderly manner through the nearest hallway exit.  First and second floor classes should exit through ground level exits; third floor classes through nearest stairwell to a ground level exit. Do not use elevator.  Third floor stairwells are areas where disabled people may communicate with rescue workers.  Be familiar with the floor plan and exits of this building.

Class Participation: Class discussion, including questions, comments, and disagreements, is welcome, but in order to contribute well to discussions, you need to read the material before hand. In cases of borderline grades, those who have contributed well to class participation will receive additional credit. NOTE: Please bring your text to school every day, that is, the text that we are covering at the time.

Absences: Since class discussion is so important, and since this class only meets once a week
--if you miss more than two classes, it will be impossible to make an “A;”
--if you miss more than three class periods, it will be impossible to make a “B;”
--if you miss more than four class periods, it will be impossible to make a “C;"

Your essays will be graded on the basis of…
substance, that is, how well you cover the important material and ideas
clarity,  that is, how well you cover those ideas
organization, that is, how well you arrange your material
relevance, that is, how well you can explain why these ideas are meaningful today.

Cheating will not be tolerated. It comes in a variety of forms, including plagiarism. If you are unfamiliar with the offense of plagiarism, please ask your instructor. Also, please note that no work done in other classes will be accepted to fulfill requirements in this class.

There are several objectives in this course:
--to give students a historical/chronological view of ethical theory
--to help students see the relevance of that theory for contemporary issues
--to encourage students to not only recognize but also critique those theories--that is see their strengths and weaknesses.
--to guide students into seeing how that ethical theory is often expressed through contemporary culture, especially music and video
--to give students a chance to express the foregoing through essay exams and through in-class discussion and debate.

Class Schedule:
Week 1  Monday January 14th
Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Week 2  
Monday January 21th (MLK, Jr. Birthday)
Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics

Week 3
 Monday January 28th
Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics

Week 4
 Monday February 4th
Nichomachean Ethics  

Week 5
 Monday February 11th
Thomas Aquinas: "The Theological Virtues" from the Summa Theologica, 
C.S. Lewis: "The Four Loves”
Exam 1 (Cinema: "Dark City," (1998) and "Vanilla Sky,”(2001)

Week 6  Monday February 18th
Descartes; Bacon, Pascal 

Week 7  Monday February 25th
Rights Based Ethics
John Locke “Of Property”

Week 8
Monday March  4th
Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill

Week 9
 Monday March 11th

Week 10 Monday March 18th
Spring Break

Week 11
Monday March 25th
Utilitarianism / Kant
Exam 2 : Cinema: Quiz  Show (1994) (Ralph Fienes); Lorenzo's Oil (1992) (Susan Sarandon)

Week 12 Monday, April 1
Kant / Nietzsche

Week 13 Monday, April 8

Week 14
Monday, April 15

Week 15 Monday, April 22

Week 16 Monday, April 29
Comprehensive Exam 3:  Cinema: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
The Plague (1992)