Grading Rubric for Essays

The exam will be graded on 

--comprehension: how well the lecture and text information is covered, including generous and appropriate quotations from your texts, that demonstrate your understanding of the text. (4 pts)

--clarity: how clearly the question is answered (2 pts)

--organization: how well the essay is organized (1 pts)

--creativity, relevance and/or analysis: how well connections are made between the material studied and contemporary ethical considerations. In this interest, consider using examples from popular culture, both material discussed in class as well as material of your own choosing. (1.5 its)

--style and grammar (1.5 pts)

TOTAL: 10 pts

comprehension 4/
clarity 2/
organization 1/
creativity, relevance, and/or analysis 1.5/
style and grammar 1.5/
TOTAL: 10/

Please note: the take home exams must formatted in MS Word using 12 pt font and 1 inch margins