Module I: Preliminaries

I. Ethics often involves some sense of longing, even of discontent. In other words, one must be in some measure dissatisfied or at least somewhat unsatisfied in order to grow morally. Thus ethics involves a kind of quest, a sense of discontent, a theme increasingly popular in contemporary music.

“Heart of Gold” Neil Young (early version)

“Heart of God” Neil Young (record version)

The Question" Moody Blues;

 "Find the River" R.E.M.

"Believe" The Bravery

"Running Down A Dream" (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers)

“Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas” Brandon Flowers

Earthquake Driver Counting Crows

Listen Collective Soul (official video)

Listen Collective Soul (live with Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra)

II. How Do We Evaluate An Ethical System?

Carrier Battle Group Analogy of Ethics (How to evaluate an ethical system):     

1) does it offer a general sense of purpose or direction
2) does it offer guidance on social relations
3) does if offer guidance on individual well-being

At least four problems or obstacles you can run into in approaching this subject:

1) being apathetic
2) being glib 
3) being thoughtless
4) assuming ethics doesn't involve tough thinking (logic and rhetoric component)

IV. You may find the early moral philosophies more persuasive and satisfying; but you may find the later moral philosophies more interesting if not satisfying. Why is that? On a related note, why do we find evil so much more interesting than good, at least in entertainment? Or do we?