Take Home Exam 1

Take Home Exam Fall 2017

This take home exam is due back by Sunday, October 8, 2017 at 8pm to the class D2L dropbox.

The exam will be graded on 

--comprehension: how well the lecture and text information is covered, including generous and appropriate quotations from your texts, that demonstrate your understanding of the text. (4 pts)

--clarity: how clearly the question is answered (2 pts)

--organization: how well the essay is organized (1 pts)

--creativity, relevance and/or analysis: how well connections are made between the material studied and contemporary ethical considerations. In this interest, consider using examples from popular culture (for example, music), both material discussed in class as well as material of your own choosing. (1.5 its)

--style and grammar (1.5 pts)

Total: 10 pts

Answer both of the following questions:

1. Discuss the films "Vanilla Sky" and "Dark City" in the context of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” incorporating into your answer Aristotle’s ideas of amusement, work, recreation and leisure. Also include any music you hope illuminates your answer. The music can be what has been introduced in class or of you own choosing.

2. Based on the Carrier Battle Group analogy we discussed, what do you think of Aristotle’s Ethics? Be as thorough as you can. Contuining to use this analysis, did the Christian contributions to the classical tradition (Plato and Aristotle) strengthen or weaken the earlier tradition? Again, use any music you think might strengthen your essay, and that can be music introduced in class or music of your own choosing.