Take Home Test #2

Edmondson, GC1Y Philosophy and Social Justice
Fall 2017
Sorry this is up late.  Accordingly, you can turn it in as late as next Tuesday, November 28th, at midnight if you want. You probaby want to make your exam 10-12 pp. double spaced, although if you  write more it is not a problem at all.

This exam will be based on how well you are able to represent, discuss and analyze our lecture material, the textbook material, the films, and contemporary music (yours or mine). As we have discussed, the textbook material is especially important for the take-home exam. Essays should be well organized, free of grammatical, spelling or serious stylistic problems, thorough and insightful.

1. Kant offers four "case studies" explaining how he would apply his philosophy. Explain and evaluate these case studies. Do you find any problems in the way he would reason these situations? Next, discuss how you think a utilitarian might deal with these same issues.

2. Evaluate the two films assigned for this test. In your opinion, are the moral dilemmas represented in these films resolved in a Kantian or a Utilitarian manner? Please explain. Do you agree with these resolutions? Why or why not?Depending on your answer, demonstrate how each of these films might have turned out if the dilemmas had been resolved by the opposing philosophy, i.e., if you say the issue in the film was resolved by Kantian reasoning, how might it have been resolved by Utilitarian reasoning, etc.

Cinema: Quiz  Show (1994) (Ralph Fienes); Lorenzo's Oil (1992) (Susan Sarandon)