This final is due back by email by Wednesday, December 11 at midnight

The papers will be graded according to the following rubric:

--Text and Readings and Class Discussion--how well the text and readings and class discussion are represented in your essays, including your ability to contextualize your discussion by appropriate quotations and references from the required readings. Possible pts: 5

Please reference all quotations and paraphrases parenthetically, with the author's name, a colon, and the page number, e.g., (author: p. 45).  

Please note: more will be expected from additional readings on this final than before.

--Analysis and Insight- your ability to demonstrate the importance and relevance of the material, and how the readings relate one to another. Possible pts: 2

--Clarity--Possible pts: 1

--Organization--Possible pts: 1

--Style, Spelling and Grammer--Possible pts: 1

Total Possible Points: 10


Text and Readings  5/
Analysis and Insight 2/
Clarity 1/
Organization 1/
Style, Spelling and Grammar 1/

TOTAL: 10/


In reading LOTR, we have been introduced to a number of the political themes that run through Tolkien's work. They include:

--the role of women
--the nature of evil
--the political importance of friendship
--international alliances
--control and domination
--human nature
--the importance of self-knowledge
--the middle class
--the danger of elitism and expertise
--knowledge--it's advantages and disadvantages
--the concept of the philosopher/king

Choose 5 of these themes, either from the list above or other themes you might supply yourself, and weave these themes together into one  well organized  essay. Although it is hard to specify a page length for an essay like this---the best advice is "as long as it takes"--I would recommend at least 7 to 8 double spaced pages.

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